bird eyesNuria Graham – Bird Eyes (El Segell Del Primavera)

LP | CD | DL

Out May 4th 2015


An absolutely stunning debut, with talents beyond her tender years Nuria Graham has created one of the most beautiful stripped back records that I’ve heard in a very long time.

Bird Eyes subtly opens with Nuria’s exquisite vocal, stripped back and laid bare, a brave move yet it feels no less than perfect. Opener “Prelude” is beautiful and sets the bar high for the rest of the album, as the title track follows its ethereal pop sound continues.

The album builds, yet the vocals remain at the fore so it’d be easy to make comparisons to so many brilliant bands and artists. Yet there is something different and more exciting here, the lyrics are sweet and filled with passion but exposed.

“Bad Luck” has a pleasant and cheery vibe and even though the name suggests it may not be the happiest of tracks, it has some really beautiful and sweet lyrics. With so many overtly noisy albums around, this is a really beautiful collection of songs, with the vocals leading every track as Nuria’s songwriting talents are exposed for all to hear.

“The Sea In Your Eyes” sees the track flitting between digital and analogue beats effortlessly. Yet it maintains a wonderfully stripped back nature, the instrumentation providing a mere guide as the lyrics flourish and ignite the mind. In so many cases, albums have one maybe two tracks that have this ability yet it is a concurrent theme throughout the record.

Even in its darkest moments and in spite of the exposed nature of the record, it maintains that incredible sparse quality. “Dark Past” has this intensely harsh quality to it, yet it is effortlessly epic, the effected vocals ringing out ahead of the synthesised drum beats.

As the album closes  with “You Fall Asleep So Easily”, a track that bucks the trend ever so slightly as it has a much fuller feel to it. Nuria’s astounding vocals still light up the air as her true pop sensibility shines through.

Despite Nuria’s young age Bird Eyes is an astonishingly beautiful, brilliant and exquisite album. Nuria has the pop sensibility and the writing capability of someone twice even three times her age; I cannot begin to express how wonderful this record truly is. For someone who isn’t normally charmed by pop music of any sort, this is a real treat.


Nuria Graham can be found online here She is also on Facebook and tweet as @NuriaGraham.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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