Shangaan electro innovator Nozinja has passed on details about his debut album on Warp Records, as invigorating a blast of future-facing dance music as you’re ever likely to hear. And if that news alone aint fit to make you burst with excitement on it’s own the “added extra” is that the big man’s headed to these shores to play a few dates definitely will!

Titled Nozinja Lodge the album sees everyone’s favourite (living, anyway, I hear that Mandela bloke had a few fans) South African…

“…test the frantic upper limits of Shangaan Electro on white-knuckle, rave-channelling cuts like Baby Do You Feel Me and Vatswelani, while enjoying the freedom to take his foot off the gas and bring a deeper, lilting touch to his trademark sound on Vomaseve Hina and closing track Jaha.”

As you’d expect from a Shangaan Electro album it also features a whole community of vocalists alongside Nozinja, singing songs that take in themes of love, faith and tribal customs – while endlessly chasing the visceral thrill of the dance.

“The record has a unique soul, stamped with the spirit of the Shangaan people, their language and musical history. Coming out of South Africa’s vibrant post-apartheid cultural landscape but with no clearly discernible peers, Nozinja is a true visionary of the 21st century digital diaspora.”

Unmissable live dates time…

He sold out Bristol’s Exchange last year where he and his compadres put on a show the likes of which you very rarely get to see. Do not miss!

Now get your listening gear around Xihukwani, which can also be downloaded with pre-orders of the album at…

Website: Facebook: and Twitter: @nozinjamusic.


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