miley twins Now, Miley Cyrus covers the Cocteau Twins!

Becoming as famous for her many cover versions as for her original songs, Miley Cyrus, has now taken on indie-dreampop darlings the Cocteau Twins. She performed a version of Heaven or Las Vegas …in Las Vegas!

Miley has covered everyone from Dolly Parton to Hole, the Velvet Underground to Metallica but the Cocteau Twins are the hippest and coolest name yet to add to the list.

Have a look and a listen below.  It’s slightly spoiled by her talking through it and an excitable audience presenting her with a weird painting at the end, but it’s not bad.

Mileys mullet is sculpted into a kind of Wendy O’ Williams fauxhawk for the occasion. Not a style favoured by Liz Fraser.

and, from a different viewpoint, with full intro….

Ardent long-time followers of the Cocteau Twins and their dark and mysterious gossamer sound are unlikely to approve of the less heavenly, more Vegas-y version, but if it helps sell the bands back catalogue to a fresh audience…

Here is the video to the original from 1990.

Miley Cyrus Official website

Cocteau Twins official website

All words Ged Babey for LTW

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  1. Covered it ? She fucking ruined it like all her cover versions. Her whole cover version shtick is some marketing executive thinking “this is what the young people want.”

    She’s a fucking pathetic cabaret act and its embarrassing how the music press is fucking slavering over her half arsed covers.

    Concentrate on real up and coming artiststhat need support rather than this abomination.

  2. What John said. I actually see it as a famous musician celebrating great bands from the past by bringing them to the ears of the kids through a massive artist. That’s my opinion.


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