fired up - November Five
fired up - November Five
fired up - November Five
fired up – November Five

The November Five
Alley Cat – London
December 20th

Central London, the friday before christmas, the office parties and amateur drinkers haven’t rolled out yet, thankfully. But beneath these streets, in a suitable hole-in-the-ground under Tin Pan Alley, people gather to imbibe some of their own jamboree.
Four ‘geezers’ by the name of November Five have crowded on stage to make some rock’n’roll, the emphasis on 4/4 rock. They walk a fine line between good and evil. The arm waving and shape throwing are funny at first, and whilst their between song audience banter has been over-used and rendered a cliche by others, somehow, this lot make it work. By song three, the 40 or so cellar dwellers are waving and reelin’ along, inspired by rable rousing and the rockin’ beat of celebration.
These guys definitely cut a rock rug, remeniscent of Generation X, the later ‘Dancing with Myself’ period, with an added touch of late 60s psychedic guitar. It’s pretty darn neat actually. A couple of stand-out songs being ‘Closure’ and ‘Breathe’, both pretty straightforward but remarkably punchy and disciplined. All carry an unusual line in rhyming couplets. Hey, and if the backing vocalist wants to sound like Tarzan periodically, it’s a free country.
They aren’t going to cause a revolution, but they do cause fun. The nights remarkably compact stage invasion isn’t exactly the Stooges, but who cares, the invaders were frugging just as enthusiastically.

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