Photo credit: Ben Coiacetto
Photo credit: Ben Coiacetto

Brand new garage-punk Londoners Nothingheads are making their mark with new single ‘Topsy’ for which we have the exclusive premiere ahead of release this week.

For most this will be the first they’ve heard from these guys but trust us when we say this a helluva introduction. Nothingheads have been all over their local scene playing with the likes of Japanese Television, Swedish Death Candy, Nuha Ruby Ra (from LTW favourites Arrows Of Love) and many many more.

The exceptional fuzzy infected track ‘Topsy’ veers from the outrageously psychedelic to Sabbath-esque stoner doom, all the while staying true to their punkish roots. Everything more distorted than everything else. It’s a track that makes you ache to see them tear it up in a grubby basement venue, sweat dripping from the ceiling – in part down to the workmanship of producer Chris Smith at Kluster Studios.

Musically it conveys some of the darker aspects of the tracks subject matter; the disturbing footage of an elephant being electrocuted for public amusement in 1903. “Topsy” was executed on Coney Island during a publicity stunt claiming to be part of a scientific demonstration by Thomas Edison, but later revealed to be because she’d killed a spectator who stubbed a cigar out on her trunk. Supposedly it was the first filmed death for entertainment and the single artwork by Ben Coiacetto is of Topsy’s life at the amusement park.

Heavy stuff.

See them at The Waiting Room in London this Saturday the 7th.


Nothingheads can be found via Instagram and Facebook 

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