Not Sensibles punk classic ‘I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher’ is rushing up the charts


Eighties Burnley punk heroes The Not Sensibles have just entered the chart with their song ‘I’m In LoveWith Margaret Thatcher’ with some insiders saying that the track that was number 28 today could well be heading for the number one slot in a chart battle with Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead…

The song is backed by the Tories as an attempt to beat Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead to number one…the irony, of course, is the song is a piss take and the group’s intent was certainly not pro Tory!

The particularly “prone to putting her foot in it” & insidious Louise Mensch has been particularly active trying to get “I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher” to no. 1. Here’s one of her tweets:

This is, of course, the same Louise Mensch who got involved in this conversation about Thatcher on Twitter during the week:

It’s┬áprobably safe to say that Ms Mensch is not the smartest cookie in the jar eh?Facebook page for the single is here:

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  1. facebook_wes.wemyss

    It might not be pro-Thatcher, but it’s not anti-Thatcher either – that’s from the band’s own website. It’s also a load of shit and it’s the one the Tories want you to buy, so just don’t!

    The only proper way to register your protest is to make sure Ding Dong gets to number one. The Tories are scared shitless of that song (it makes the fuckers melt!) and the BBC are making fudge at the thought of having to play it! It’s 79p well spent, particularly if you drive round the streets blasting it out the stereo at 500 watts on an endless loop during the funeral.

  2. Register Your Protest by spending 79p on a kids song...

    Clever stuff Wes, what other great protest plans have you got ?

    • facebook_wes.wemyss

      Do you have a better idea? I’d rather spend 79p on a 70 year old song clip that I’ll never listen to, purely to make a point, than pay 1p towards a state funeral for that cunt and the rewriting of history that goes with it.

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