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Nomeansno – Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie (Wrong Records)



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Nomeansno have a special place in the hearts of far too few of us. They have consistently given us utterly fantastic albums and tours. Live they are unstoppable. Recently they reissued their 1998 album Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie on vinyl. Louder Than War review it below.

This punk stuff is confusing. Nomeansno are punk right? Aren’t they? They were on Alternative Tentacles…. surely that means they are punk? They use guitars and bass and drums to play loud, menacing and aggressive music… but that bit of the record sounds like jazz. Their songs sprawl out and change tempo, change tune and pretty much morph into something different completely. They may be many things, but punk?

The music is sharp and hard. Held together by the expressive, emotional vocal from Rob Wright, who has always looked very young and fresh as a daisy in the morning dew…after a bomb has dropped. The first front man I ever saw with grey hair and one of the most mesmerising. He tells stories and drags you into the narrative. His manic delivery makes the songs mean much more than they would otherwise. He makes you hear and feel what he means in a way that very few front men can.

The songs are complex, the bass and drums circle around each other in a jazz style until they break into fast thrash or slow movement, it all fits together as a complicated fusion of styles and sounds like no one else but Nomeansno. The thrashy loud moments pulverise you while the slow just seep menacingly into your head.


This is a reissue of Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie, first released in 1998, this is a vinyl reissue which again will have the few of us that care passionately about Nomeansno salivating with anticipation but I fear that they are only dear to too few of us.

So Nomeansno, stubbornly ploughing their own furrow through music, jokes about their age abound on their Facebook page so they certainly don’t take themselves too seriously. Their central theme throughout their whole musical output has been to make mistakes and learn from them. So, as far as I’m concerned, Nomeansno are what punk is all about, a state of mind and an attitude. Get on board and discover Canada’s best band.


Nomeansno’s website is here, the Soundcloud site for Wrong Records is here and they can be found on Facebook here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. His author archive can be found here


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