NoMeansNo announce UK dates

NoMeansNo announce UK dates ”“ however before everyone gets excited they are only playing three gigs which are sure to sell out very quickly…

The Canadian trio of John Wright (bass, lead vocals) Rob Wright (drums, vocals) and Tom Holliston (guitar, vocals) arrive in the UK this October.

Based in Vancouver, originally hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, a large portion of the NoMeansNo following exists on mainland Europe. Their devoted and hardcore fan base sees the band regularly touring Germany, Holland, Italy and Czech, though trips to the UK are less frequent and all the more exciting when they occur.

Never conforming and always conspiring, NoMeansNo exist on their own terms having never courted nor sought after the mainstream successes some of their peers have enjoyed. Their main aim has been longevity and survival through endless recording and touring. John Wright explained in a rare interview, “We write the music, find people who want to put it out, and go from there.” This rare insight is taken from a 2007 interview. It remains relevant and although a simple philosophy it’s one that means NoMeansNo are still on the road. Formed in 1979 and approaching 35 years in existence, with just one member change and the same line-up since 1994. Not many bands can lay claim to stability like that.

The cult of NoMeansNo spreads far and wide influencing countless bands across varying genres. Alongside DC legends Bad Brains they are Dave Grohl’s favourite band, whom he describes as “the best hardcore band ever”. Billy Joe Armstrong cites the 1989 album ‘Wrong’ as one of the “greatest” albums. They have been credited as a major influence and quite possibly founders of math rock. NoMeansNo themselves are influenced by punk legends D.O.A., the bass heavy Minutemen and have been described as “Motorhead after art school.”

This tour sees NoMeansNo for the first time in Liverpool or the North West since anyone (so far) can remember.

October 4th – Camden Underworld, London
October 5th – Kazimier, Liverpool
October 6th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The gig in Liverpool promoted by Antipop Records promises to be rather special ”“ The Kazimier is one of the most interesting live music venues in the country. Previously an (in)famous 70’s disco, the current owners have not altered the layout, so its complete with double staircase either side of the dance floor which is directly beneath the stage offering a very up close and intimate experience. Overlooking this is a full venue width balcony area providing everyone with eye popping views of the mayhem on stage.

Get your tickets now…

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  1. Re NoMeansNo in the northwest. I remember them at The Swinging Sporran, Manchester around 89/90 with Dog Faced Hermans. Memories fade but circa Sex Mad! I think. It was a great gig anyway!

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