Noise Unit back catalogue to be reissued on vinyl by Artoffact Records

Artoffact Records the Canadian industrial, EBM and electronic music record label has announced the forthcoming vinyl reissues of the entire Noise Unit back catalogue; for the uninitiated Noise Unit was founded in early 1989 by Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly as a side project – he band has seen several changes in line-up, with Bill Leeb being the only permanent member, Marc Verhaeghen of Belgian industrial band Klinik worked with Leeb as the band issued their first 12″ ‘Deceit / Struktur’ via Wax Trax! in the USA and Antler Subway in Europe in 1989.

Verhaeghen was replaced by future FLA band mate Rhys Fulber for the second Noise Unit 12″ ‘Agitate / In Vain’ via Antler Subway in 1990; Verhaeghen resumed his collaboration with Noise Unit for the 1996 album ‘Drill’ which also featured members of German industrial band Haujobb before Noise Unit went into an eight-year hiatus, only being broken when Leeb teamed with former FLA member Chris Peterson to release ‘Voyeur’ in 2005.

In 2014, FLA announced on their official website that a new Noise Unit album is in the works and the line-up is the same as on Front Line Assembly album ‘Echogenetic’.

Artoffact Records specialise in vinyl, each release is carefully curated, drawing from the original master recordings, and the original artwork prints; each release is then pressed on two or three colour vinyl, often featuring splatter effects with the audio being spread across multiple discs to ensure the finest audio reproduction.

Noise Unit

‘Deceit / Struktur’ and ‘Agitate / In Vain’ were released on the 12th August, whilst a visit to the Artoffact site reveals the forthcoming entire back catalogue, including a fan package entitled “I’m Selling My Left Arm…” that offers absolutely everything across a bewildering array of discs and CD’s that even Artoffact suggest a buyer would need to be “insane” to buy!!

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