Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 11.22.03Noel Gallagher has been typically pithy about Shaun Ryder appearing as an in conversation at John Robb’s upcoming Sunday September 29th vegan event in Manchester. (details of the event are here)

The event is called A Plant-Based Evening with John Robb, Shaun Ryder and Bundobust will start at 6pm and will provide an out of this world vegan-meets-music Indian street food experience.

Noel Gallagher, spoke about vegans when asked about Shaun appearing at the event, saying ‘what’s the point?’.

The musician responded to fellow singer Shaun Ryder speaking at the vegan event in Manchester. Gallagher said one of his band members was vegan and that he felt ‘sorry for her’.

“When we were in South America they didn’t know what a vegan was. I passed her the menu and said you might as well eat the f***ing menu.

But yeah vegans, what’s the point? It’s like no animal products at all. These people would literally have f***ing animals roaming the world, cows everywhere in the f***ing streets, sheep in phone boxes.

I like chickens. Very versatile animal.”

‘Uneducated, uninspiring’


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  1. This lad becomes more of a bell-end by the day. His musical output has been almost exclusively dull, MOR Radio 2 fodder for ages now, yet he still can’t stop shooting his mouth off about everything and anything. I know it’s stating the obvious when it comes to Noel (or Liam for that matter) Gallagher, but he must (still) have a hugely over-inflated opinion of himself to think that the world cares about his every thought, opinion and action. Shut the fuck up and write some decent songs. Dick.

  2. Which is why I’m sending my son to school as Mark E Smith when they mark Manchester Day next week, especially after it was suggested that a Gallagher brother might be appropriate. Rather send him as Frank Gallagher to be honest!

  3. Who realy lissens to that boring little man anyway. Every one nos he talks crap. Just ask his fans that went to heaton Park. They said never again. Wat a boring gig. And empty. Just like his head!


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