Sue me sue you blues...Noel now suing Liam...
Sue me sue you blues...Noel now suing Liam...

Noel hates Liam, Liam hates Noel, Liam sues Noel, Noel sues Liam, in a fallout that makes the end of the Beatles look like a picnic the Gallaghers look like they are on the way back to court with Noel Gallagher suing his younger brother after more stuff was said and done.

Forgetting the old showbiz maxim that ‘the only people who win in court are the lawyers’ the Gallaghers are again embroiled in a world of arcane laws and legal decisions make by beaks. there is nothing worse than seeing band ending up in the court room and if there is a whiff about the drama of rock n roll and the staged posturing of a live gig about parading into the dusty courtrooms it’s also a very expensive business full of potholes, loopholes and grey areas.

The crux of the case is built around the brothers gradual fallout at the tail end of Oasis. the pressures of being in band do seem to tear people apart and as the wheels came off the band the tension was racked to an unbearable breaking point. There are all sorts of accusations and counter accusations about reasons for gigs being canceled, the role clothing line Liam’s Pretty Green had in the fallout and the smashed guitar incident in Paris that saw the end of the band as well as stuff said in the papers since the split and other incidents.

Ironically it was Liam who first threatened to sue Noel first but it now seems to have twisted to the other way round, leaving many to wonder that there must be a better way to solve this problem…

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  1. In their spectacular venacular..’that’s proper childish innit..’
    World economy on the brink, genocide cropping up everywhere,endemic third world poverty,civil rights being trampled on…
    I know I’ll sue my bro to piss him off because he said/did something I didnt like, that’ll learn him..

    Too much money can be a very bad thing.

  2. “Sisters…sisters…there were never such devoted sisters…Caring..Sharing…each and every garment that we’re wearing..”

    Just thought I’d throw in the old Beverley Sisters anthem into the mix…

  3. Innit funny how very often these (anti) rock stars end up becoming EXACTLY the type of people that they once depised.
    Pair of stupid bastards.


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