Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage

Stone Roses onstageThe internet has been rife with yet more Roses news. In the past few months there have been all kinds of rumours and information flotaing about some we have reported s rumours and some we have let go.


This weekend there was a new flurry of rumour with reported ‘things goings on’ scraps of info and then Noel Gallagher on Soccer FM letting a cat out of a bag when he was asked if he had ‘any idea what’s going on with the Roses’, to which he replied coyly: “Yes. I know exactly what’s going on – They’re blooming.’


Of course this could be a gardening reference or it could be that he is armed with his secaters or it could be that he is causing mischief or it could be…



  1. I really hope it is true, Mani said 2015 would be the year something happened, Noel did look on Soccer AM like he genuinely knew something too. I’d be all over some more Roses music, fingers crossed eh. X


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