Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Noel Gallagher slag off nearly every Oasis video- on new Oasis DVD - Louder Than WarThe rumour mill has been going crazy with talk of Liam reforming Oasis without Noel.

A couple of weeks ago there had been a handshake agreement for the two brothers to reform the band and tour next year but the twitter wars broke out again last week and Liam might have reacted with this reformation story. To be fair it is like reforming the band before Noel joined and it could do a pretty good stab at playing the greatest hits but it won’t be Oasis.

Rock n roll is about the chemistry and the chemistry of Oasis is very much about the two brothers with a great supporting cast of other members like Bonehead etc – take a Gallagher out it’s not Oasis and even Liam’s charisma and brilliant voice can’t make it into Oasis (like the Ian Brown end days of the Roses)


It’s time to bury the hatchet and not into each other’s backs. Sometimes it’s worth the wait and Oasis have to reform as a working band not a greatest hits package. The Roses had to have all 4 members and Liam knows he would need Noel to make this work just like Noel needs Liam.

This is a storm in stormy teacup. We still expect a full on reformation at some point but would still love to hear a Liam solo album before then especially of noel produced it.

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