No gigs or festivals until autumn 2021? According to American expertDon’t hold your breath but it doesn’t look like we will be going out and celebrating our love of music soon. Not just for a few months but maybe over a year…

An American  Professor of healthcare management Zeke Emanuel has claimed that music festivals and concerts will likely not return until autumn next year. Let’s hope he’s wrong!

Professor of healthcare management Zeke Emanuel has “no idea” how event promoters are rescheduling music gigs and festivals for later this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying he doesn’t understand how they think it’s a “plausible possibility”.

The Professor told the New York Times newspaper: “Larger gatherings – conferences, concerts, sporting events – when people say they’re going to reschedule this conference or graduation event for October 2020, I have no idea how they think that’s a plausible possibility.

“I think those things will be the last to return. Realistically we’re talking fall 2021 at the earliest


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