Just as Louder Than War is preparing to launch it’s print version in the autumn the NME has announced that it is going free.


Maybe a sign of the times with print media suffering in the battle with online the NME has been selling less than 15 000 for some time now and the plan is to give the paper away and continue turning the NME itself into a brand that stretches across many mediums and platforms.


Music will be downgraded in the new offering, which will be a “gateway into a wider conversation around film, fashion, television, politics, gaming and technology.”

NME will “dramatically increase its content output and range, with new original as well as curated content appearing across all platforms, including print,” the publishers said.” Other highlights will include an expansion in “live events, more video franchises and greater engagement with users on new social platforms. NME, which has a partnership with the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, will expand its “global footprint.”

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  1. So if music is downgraded to include films, fashion, TV then surely its not worth being called the NME anymore? Where will they distribute it?
    The internet is instant, they would be better off doing a PDF as a download from their website and Facebook page surely? Or even better create an app where you can read it on your phone or tablet anywhere! Why waste paper. Obviously advertising will fund a printed article but people are fed up with being bombarded with them 24/7.

  2. If the NME wasn’t so shit they might stand a chance. They should have packed it in 1991. Sounds folding instead of NME was an anathema. Mojo is the only music magazine worth reading.


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