NME radio is closed downNME Radio has ceased broadcasting , with programme provider Town and Country Broadcasting set to hand back its licence to Ofcom.

The station ran for five years and was closed out of the blue. It sends question marks over the future of  digital radio. Does digital radio work? are people tuning in? what is the future of alternative radio? is there a future for alternative radio?

NME radio suddenly disappeared with its  Twitter account and Facebook page both gone, whilst nmeradio.com now re-directs to the main NME homepage.

The service started as an extension of the NME Magazine in 2008 owned by IPC Media but the licence to run the station was awarded to DX Media. The first official listening figures gave it 215,000 listeners via digital only.

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  1. it’s almost as if people don’t have time in their busy lives anymore. To listen to nme radio, most of us would have to be at the pc our laptop, so it’s not like being background entertainment, you have to listen to it with time and dedication. We no longer have time to listen to extended 12″ mixes, which is why the 3 min pop song is more popular these days than those long remixes of the 80’s, we just don’t have the time and too much choice!!

  2. With DAB and Internet Radio there are a heck of a lot of radio stations competing for listeners.

    For me NME was far too formulaic, I’d much rather subscribe to spotify and choose what I’m going to listen to (reading blogs if I need inspiration / ideas on what to listen to) than let a boring, predictable DJ do it for me.

  3. i listened to the first year or so of nme radio and it was great – interaction with listeners – very diverse – as you would expect with a sammy jacob run station but when it went tits up first time i thankfully found amazing radio – not listened to anything else for 2 years or so – and i listen all day every day so finding a station you can listen to like that is hard

  4. Surely the question mark is much more over the NME? It closed its TV station down last year, its newsletters seem to be diminishing – tough times.

  5. I miss it…U.S. corporate radio is pathetic so we have to resort to Sirius XM. NME used to support an iphone app and I could listen to it anywhere…then that disappeared. SAD

  6. Just surfed in on this, yes, a year and a half later, because I still miss streaming NME to the US, and still trying to find a way to access it. The Spotify offering just doesn’t do it for me. I miss the live broadcast. I listened to it working at home, I listened to it at the office. Would probably have paid a subscription fee for it in high quality.


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