Nina Nastasia

Nina Nastasia

Nina Nastasia: Handmade Card


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The New York based singer and songwriter returns with a must listen take on the holiday season.

Christmas has passed so it might seem like an odd time to be recommending a Christmas song, but Nina Nastasia’s lament on the season is too good to put to one side. Released in December, this delicate folk song captures something of the post-Christmas lull. It doesn’t feel out of place listening in early January.

A wistful photo album of a song. Reflective without being sentimental, this is an artful and tuneful take on the holidays. Gentle to the point of almost being a lullaby, the song eases along drawing the listener into its fragile threads. Nastasia’s voice is captivating and the thrifty instrumentation leaves of space for the soothing vocal to float. A wonderfully crafted song at any time of year. Don’t treat this as a Christmas song, it calls to be listened to.


Find out more about Nina Nastasia here.

Words by Dave Beer. More information about his writing can be found on his website and he is also on Twitter.

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