Nile: Sound Control, Manchester – live review

Sound Control, Manchester
11th Sept 2013

Louder Than War’s Dom Walsh checks out South Carolina technical death metal natives, Nile, who’ve been in and around the metal scene for 20 years.

This tour is in support of Nile‘s 2012 release ‘At The Gates of Sethu.’

Taking the stage after a stellar support line up, consisting of the excellent Svart Crown and the Roman themed Ex Deo, the band tore through a pummelling collection of songs that took in selections from the bands vast, Egyptian themed, back catalogue.

At The Gates of Sethu‘ was received very warmly, and the cuts aired in Manchester show why. That being said, there are only space for a small selection of new tracks in the set owing to the band wanting to fit in chunks from many parts of their back catalogue. ‘The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh’ is a slower tempo, churning monster from ‘Sethu’. Of the cherry picked tracks pre-Sethu, The Blessed Dead, from ‘In Their Darkened Shrines,’ is a highlight. The chanted chorus has fists and horns aloft in the sweatbox of a venue. One thing that pleases the Nile devotees is that the band play the newer material early on in the set, then proceeded with the older tracks for the second half.


For the duration of their set, the blast beats on the drums are meaty and sound pretty good seen as this is apparently where the band thought the sound issues were. The duelling growled vocals are suitably indecipherable and the dense guitars are punctuated by frequent wailing solos from Nile ever present, Karl Sanders. New bassist, Todd Ellis holds his end of the rhythm section with an accomplished vigour and enthusiasm that never waivers, with constant head banging during the set. All of this goodness is laced with the sounds of Egyptology, to create an epic sounding death metal monster.

The enduring nature of the band through several line up changes over the years is shown throughout the show. The band looked to be enjoying themselves even though they seem to be toiling with sound issues for large portions of the set. Still, as the band are seasoned pro’s, they motor through to deliver a fantastic set which sent home Manchester’s excellent metal community, happy.


Nile can be found at their website and at their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages.

All words by Dom Walsh. You can read more from Dom at his author’s archive here. Dom also tweets as @bwfcdom83.

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