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“Modern Maze”, Night Marcher’s brand new album, is combination of Rock, jazzy soul, psychedelic fusion, and ghostly, religious themes, portrayed in an almost sexy fashion.

The mastermind behind the Night Marcher, (a spirit or ghost of an ancient Hawaiian warrior, Rob Reinfurt, connects with the listener in a haunting, and relevant manner, via his lyrics and the spirit of his instrument. The record contains 7 tracks, all musically divergent.

My personal favorite “Holy Ghost”…If Heaven was a place that we’d wanna be, than why are people killing in the name of peace”? The soft rock, psychedelic instrumentation, and catchy melody plays over and over in one’s mind. “Scars”, is a jazzy, soulful track, with significant words and eloquent meanings.

The lead track is “Saint” rock n roll, get on your feet and dance melody, but make sure you don’t forget to catch the words….they are important. “Kro” is a bluesy tune, with catastrophically magnificent guitar work. “People are Screaming Jesus”….J don’t know if he can hear us….is a fusion of jazz and rock fused together in a heart felt soulful way.

Although the Night Marcher strayed from music for a time, while he wandered aimlessly, passionlessly and selfishly through life until he realized music was where he needed to be. He came back strong, with a compassionate reflection in “Modern Maze”.


Night Marcher’s official website is : They also are on Facebook and  Twitter.

All words by Eileen Shapiro. More of Eileen’s writing can be found in her author’s archive.

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