Night Beats Interview by Carrie QuartlyLouder Than War’s Carrie Quartly caught up with psychedelic fuzz rockers Night Beats before their Glasslands appearance with Dead Skeletons and Cosmonauts in Brooklyn, New York on May 8th to discuss their new album, the impending European tour, and eating pizza with Charles Manson.

Louder Than War: Are you disappointed/sad to see the clouds installation go here at Glasslands? Have you played here before?

Night Beats: We’ve been, yeah we’re pretty devastated, they should get dangerous and hang glass clouds.

Louder Than War: You just played the Austin Psych Fest for the 4th year in a row, is that right? What was that like? Do you notice it’s popularity growing, as well as the popularity of music under the garage/psych umbrella?

Night Beats: Yeah. Great festival as usual, seems more like a coming together of bands as opposed to an all encompassing list of popular bands sucking each other off.

Louder Than War: Do you think there’s a kind of primal immediacy to that music style which draws people in?

Night Beats: Yeah, in its nature that kind of music should be raw in general I think.

Louder Than War: Can you describe any playing or recording techniques which gives you that much older, classic sound – a lot of your stuff could be cuts from a Nuggets comp or on a volume of ‘Psychedelic Unknowns’…

Night Beats: We sound old? Fuck. We just record on tape and play what we think we like to hear. Modern bands sound like Joy Division which is an 80’s band.

Louder Than War: What sort of venues do you prefer or think work best transcribing the live experience of your band? The outdoor ranch at Austin Psych Fest, an intimate DIY venue, etc.? What has been your favourite place to play?

Night Beats: We can play all kinds of venues. We have the most fun at DIY spots, but we can play large halls or anywhere, too. Really enjoyed the Seaholm Power Plant. Just played a haunted mill with glow in the dark black light art all over the walls, so that was cool.

Louder Than War: You’ve toured with The Black Angels, Black Lips, and The Growlers, and have collaborated with some of that same great talent on side projects (UFO Club, Night Sun). Is there anyone else you’d still love to work with?

Night Beats:  Nicolas Cage, I don’t know. King Khan…Andre Williams…

Louder Than War: Any memorable tour stories to share?

Night Beats: One time at Jake’s on 4th in Olympia, WA, Brooks from The Growlers…Um, nevermind.

Louder Than War: I love Burger Records. I’ve never had such affection for a record label before, and will tell anyone who will listen all about it, especially when I’m drunk. Everyone involved who I’ve met has been so friendly and genuine in their enthusiasm for music, and they’re always so busy yet manage to maintain a high standard of quality seemingly effortlessly. Can you tell us about how you became part of the Burger family, releasing your s/t cassette on the label and appearing on Burger TV, etc.?

Night Beats: It all came together pretty naturally…They’re great people with unheard of enthusiasm. Mad respect for those guys.

Louder Than War: Who are some of your favorite Burger bands at the moment?

Night Beats:  Gap Dream, Burnt Ones, Cosmonauts, Shannon and The Clams.

Louder Than War: I hear you have finished recording a new album, when can we look forward to this coming out and will there be any surprises in store with the new songs?

Night Beats: Look for it this summer; it’s a new vibe and everything.

Louder Than War: You’re also embarking on a UK tour soon, how has your music been received over there compared to here in your homeland?

Night Beats: It’s pretty equal we think, not sure.

Louder Than War: Very important Burger TV ‘burger views’ style question to finish on – if you could eat pizza with anyone, who would it be?

Night Beats: MLK, Charles Manson, Rasputin?

Night Beats are on Facebook.
 UK/European tour dates as follows:


May 15 Railway Hotel Southend On Sea, United Kingdom
May 16 A Nation of Shopkeepers Leeds, United Kingdom
May 17 The Shipping Forecast Liverpool, United Kingdom
May 18 The Victoria London, United Kingdom
May 19 Magasin 4 Brussels, Belgium
May 20 Trix Antwerpen, Belgium
May 21 Gleis 22 Munster, Germany
May 22 Komet Hamburg, Germany
May 23 Lopen Copenhagen, Denmark
May 24 Debaser Malmo, Sweden
May 25 Debaser Slussen Stockholm, Sweden
May 26 Le Trabendo Paris, France
May 28 Mono Oslo, Norway
May 29 Pustervik Göteborg, Sweden
May 30 WestGermany Berlin, Germany
May 31 Vera Groningen, Netherlands
Jun 01 Nieuwe Anita Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun 02 Area 51 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Jun 03 Mondo Bizarro Rennes, France
Jun 04 L’Atelier Orléans, France
Jun 05 Drakkart Grenoble, France
Jun 06 Le Poste à Galène Marseille, France
Jun 07 Heretic Club Bordeaux, France
Jun 08 L’Ecurie Geneva, Switzerland
Jun 10 Sidro Club Savignano Sul Rubicone, Italy
Jun 11 Factory Club Prato, Italy
Jun 12 VICOLO BOLOGNETTI Bologna, Italy
Jun 14 Levontin 7 Tel Aviv, Israel
Jun 15 Syrup Haifa, Israel
Jun 16 Uganda West Jerusalem, Israel
Jun 21 Zé dos Bois Lisbon, Portugal
Jun 22 Convivio Guimaraes, Portugal

Interview by Carrie Quartly, you can read more of her writing on the site here.

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