Nige – Got To be Me – Single Review

Kentish Town rapper Nige has often looked inward for his lyrics. Introspection has led him to some dark places; analysing his own behaviour and frequently finding himself wanting. Although he rightfully remains proud of his progress thus far, self-improvement is a constant theme in his music, and the NiNE8 collective member’s latest single Got to Be Me is no outlier in this regard. With a guitar part drenched in sunshine and singalong chorus, however, it does mark a distinct change in tone.

Here Nige seems content. “I’ve just got to be me,” he sings, freeing himself from the weight of his own expectations. There’s a newfound calmness in his approach, a positivity that has taken over from the criticism. It’s joyful. Got to Be Me is accompanied by a wonderfully shot video from no-ID, in which postal workers, photographers, waitresses, and Nige himself scoot around the iconic Kentish Town venue, MAP Studio Café, and the surrounding area.

Watch and listen below.

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Eddie Smith is a music journalist and writer currently based in London.


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