It’s with great sadness that we report the death of guitar hero Nick Marsh whose charismatic presence was a key part of the UK underground scene for decades.

A face at the Batcave he formed Flesh for Lulu, in 1983 with Rocco Barker (guitar), Derek Greening (keyboards), James Mitchell (drums), and Kevin Mills (bass),

The band releases were well received on the darker glam end of the underground scene and they became a well loved cult behind. We met him few times and he was a total gent whilst he was recently spotted playing guitar for Urban Voodoo Machine with the charisma and effortless cool intact Nick will be much missed by lovers of rock n roll swagger and cool.


  1. We suffered throat cancer together and planned to sing together after we had recovered. I have been lucky and this makes me unspeakably sad.

  2. Loved Nick Marsh… cool, honest and caring
    Eyebrows and quiff and rock n roll
    I’ll miss him, he was a guy to aspire to
    Long live the new Flesh
    Thoughts with Kathetine and his girls


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