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does this mean 4 songs instead of 2 on the BBC
does this mean 4 songs instead of 2 on the BBC

So the talk is that Nick Grimshaw will be playing twice as much music on his BBC Radio One breakfast show slot.

Does this actually mean very much music? Chris Moyles was famous for talking a lot, so does this mean 4 songs instead of 2 songs?

Do people actually want to hear music on the radio? Or is it celeb chit chat that most people want? and what will this music be?

Market researched, air right, same as usual stuff or a diverse range of all the music that is out there? Will there still be a fear of rock that sees various rock bands sell out stadiums, and then get ignored by the BBC?

And who are the 12 million people who listen to the breakfast show? That’s one in every six people in the UK! That’s a lot of people…are the RAJAR (who make the figures up) very accurate…

What do you think?

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  1. It probably just means they’ll play the likes of One Direction more often! I’ve never been a consistant listener of Radio 1 but over the year’s I’ve enjoyed the odd stint of the Chris Moyles show on my way to work. As a rock fan, the music they play is dire but for me it was always about the banter & piss-taking between Moyles and whichever celebrity was in the studio that morning – it’d always make you crack a smile on the trek into work. Once Nick Grimshaw has the hot-seat I still can’t see the BBC catering for rock any more than they have done for the last ten years!

  2. who cares ? radio 1 is dire shit and the DJ’s mostly seem like total wankers. Maybe its because i’m a middle aged, bitter ex punk that i am so alienated by that fucking station but as far as i’m concerned after the death of the legendary John Peel they should have closed it down.Incidentally, i also think Radio 2 is mostly shit as well.

  3. i don’t like all of their radio jingles. most irritating! eat shit and listen to their jingles. As an indy fan, i don’t seem to hear much music either – constant penetrative repeats.

    BUT ..! BBC internet Radio pages are absolute masterpieces. i’d like to see more that kind of staff httpss://bbc.in/byXupD httpss://bbc.in/7TWWp9 httpss://bbc.in/7lBpwQ ..


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