Friday, April 16, 2021
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The Offspring announce new album for 2012

New album from former million selling American punkish band...

Fucked Up announce new album

and it's a 78 minute concept...

Nirvana memorabilia exhibition

all rock music becomes history...

Screeching Weasel split after punch up

singer attacks audience...band quits...

Mark Stewart to release new album and play gigs

Pop Group frontman gets active again...

Atari Teenage Riot announce 2011 tour

with a youtube clip...

Strummercamp festival latest

on May 27/29 at Cheadle Rugby Club

Liz Taylor RIP

Liz Taylor RIP Friend of Michael Jackson and iconic actress Liz Taylor has died...more details soon

Public Image UK tour

el Rotto returns...

Beer named after The Fall

Mark E Smith IPA is available now...

Reading/Leeds festival bill announced

Good, bad or ugly? Comment now...

Manchester International Festival announce line up

Return of award winning festival


Louder Than War Clothing



Pink Suits: Political Child – album review

Pink Suits - Political Child    (Self released album) Vinyl (out soon) / DL (available here now) Keith...

Veik: Surrounding Structures – album review

Veik: Surrounding Structures (Fuzz Club) LP | DL Out 30th April 2021 Veik's new album, Surrounding Structures, is...

Sex Gang Children: Oligarch – album review

Sex Gang Children: Oligarch (Liberation London) CD/DL/Stream Out 23 April 2021   Original goths Sex Gang Children...

Paul and Linda McCartney ‘Ram’ : album review

Defying rock’s dated notion of cool, Macca McFab’s second post Beatles outing really stands the test of time with its melodic, playful and cleverly  stripped down songs predating indie lo-fi by decades. 

Philip Goth (Felice Brothers) Announces Debut Single – news

The ever-reliable Team Love Records have announced the release of the debut solo record...