Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Guns ‘n’ Roses to reform

If you like this please Tweet it, Facebook it or leave a comment For a brief flicker of time Guns n Roses were...

LCD Soundsystem call it a day

It's been a lot of fun and, frankly, a bit of a surprise that the party is over

Tura Satana RIP – appreciation by Ian Johnston and interview by Marc Isted

Tura Satana RIP- appreciation by Ian Johnston and interview from Marc Isted

Mick Karn obituary – by John Robb

John Robb pays tribute to Mick Karn, who was one of the most distinctive bass players of his generation

Gorillaz, The Fall, album review – by John Robb

Damon Albarn recorded the new Gorillaz album on the road on his iPad. John Robb reviewed it on the road with his iPad...

Louder Than War’s top 80 albums of 2010

There have been lots of great releases this year but it feels like the calm before the storm. The big bands are back next year and also the cuts may kick in and things get a bit wilder out there.

More Beefheart tributes – by Magic Band’s Gary Lucas, and Sarandon’s Drinkmilk

We'd just driven over to buy some replacement tiles for the outhouse roof and Geoff (for that was his name) started telling me the story of Trout Mask Replica. This kind of thing happened a lot.

Captain Beefheart RIP, a tribute to a genius – by John Robb

the genius of Captain Beefheart celebrated

Adam Ant – by John Robb

(if you like this please twitter it of put it up on your Facebook...also please leave a comment...) This a story of a musical...

Late bid for Xmas number one from Kunt And The Gang

(if you like this please twitter it of put it up on your Facebook...also please leave a comment...) Perhaps the most unlikely thrust at...

Lilly Allen – by Karen Mcbride Top Manchester photographer Karen McBride snapped this great shot of Lily Allen at the recent 2010 In the City. We think it's the best picture...





Hunter Complex – Dead Calm and Zero Degrees – Review | In a recent interview with his local paper, the Haarlems Dagblad, Lars...

Nine Inch Nails Release Two Free-To-Download Albums

It's been nearly two years since Nine Inch Nails released their last album, Bad...

Alan Merrill (The Arrows) RIP

We are sad to report the death of the Arrows frontman Alan Merrill at...

What’s a post virus music scene going to look like?

As we begin the long lockdown and have had our lives turned upside down...

Watch this! Bob Vylan hit back against racists in sweary punk-grime video

Bob Vylan  -  We Live Here - Video Premiere Bob Vylan hit back against racists...