2ndMouseWales’ Touched Music label, set up to raise funds for McMillan Cancer Support, have announced that their next release will be an album titled The Secret Chords by 2ndMouse.

After three successful compilation releases, including a remix album, Touched Music are now putting out a full length album dedicated to one artist, 2ndMouse.

According to the press release…

“2ndMouse continues to dazzle with this latest release to Touched Music – fantastically paced, exquisitely produced and guaranteed to make you hit ‘Repeat’.

“Hints of Burial, 2562, Orbital and LFO serve only to accentuate what is quickly becoming 2ndMouse’s signature sound; lush and varied soundscapes masterfully organised against a backdrop of rhythms that just get to your core.

“This has something for everyone, broken beats, dance-friendly pulsing, perfectly matched vocal sampling and more. Bonus remixes from Karsten Pflum, exm, Humanoid and Generate are even more of a temptation.”

Listen to the Humanoid remix of High Jinx here…

There will be an official preview event held tonight which you can listen to via: mixlr.com/touched-music.

All proceeds of the album sales will go to McMillan Cancer Support.

For more information on Touched Music and how you can grab a copy of the album visit their website, or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter, as @touched_music.



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