Louder than War are pleased to premier the brand new album from John Dieterich (Deerhoof) and Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel/A Hawk and A Hacksaw)

John Dieterich & Jeremy Barnes began ’The Coral Casino’ as an attempt to understand one another. They met one day and the next they were in a blank room with unfamiliar instruments in their hands and zero expectations, each agreeing to do his utmost to ignore the other. Yes, their first forays into musical collaboration began with the stipulation that each had to improvise in a rhythmic manner while not listening to what the other was doing. This idiosyncratic process proved to be the unlikely genesis of songs like “Special Questions,” “Sandwild,” and “The Frost Pocket.” Their shared love of melody and pop provided the anchor for wild performances and deep, rich textures, laying the groundwork for many more moods: the euphoric “Out & About;” the stirring tribute to the satellite Philae (“Philae lands on comet 67p_churyumov-gerasimenko”), the first satellite to land on a comet, and so on.

Stream The Coral Casino here:

‘The Coral Casino’ comes out on vinyl, cd, and digital on May 6th via the Living Music Dupli-cation label.

Track Listing:

1. Out and About (4:10)
2. Special Questions (3:13)
3. Philae lands on Comet 67p_Churyumov-Gerasimenko (3:20)
4. Mummers (:23)
5. People Person (3:59)
6. Parasol Gigante (2:58)
7. Sandwild (2:17)
8. What (4.28)
9. Brain Envy (3:43)
10. The Frost Pocket (5:00)
11. Sales Tan, Part 2 (2:37)


Living Music Dupli-Cation can be found via their website


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