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Sonny Vincent

New York Punk Legend Sonny Vincent is appealing for help, just over a year on from the horrific accident that left his son Robert and family with life-changing burns injuries.

Sonny Vincent is a cult New York punk musician, who first made his name with his band Testors, later going on to work with a string of punk icons, including Moe Tucker, Scott Asheton and Steve Mackay of the Stooges, Glen Matlock, Rat Scabies, Captain Sensible and many more.

In January last year, Louder Than War shared the tragic news that Sonny’s son Robert Ventura, along with Robert’s wife Sarah and son Cayden (then nine) were involved in a horrific gas explosion at their home.  All three were left hospitalised with severe burns.  Since then, Sonny has abandoned his music career and dedicated himself to caring for his family and trying desperately to raise funds for crippling medical, as well basic living, costs.

Sonny set up a GoFundMe page and also a PayPal account for those who want to contribute directly, avoiding the charges that GoFundMe imposes.

Here is the most recent update (January 22nd) from Sonny’s friend Cynthia Ross (ex ‘B’ Girls, currently bass-player for New York Junk):

“URGENT Update! Please help Sonny to continue to help his family NOW. They are out of money and need help.

  1. Sarah has been discharged again to palliative care in the sub substandard institution.  (NB see Sonny’s Facebook page for further details)
  2. He needs to pay rent, buy food, clothing and therapy for Cayden that Medicaid is not covering. Cayden and Sonny are driving almost daily to see Sarah. They have no money for gas. He’s going to food banks.
  3. Legal action initiated regarding liability for the fire will take years to resolve and may result in no compensation.
  4. While mainstream media and political attention is something we thought might help, no one has responded.
  5. Cayden is having another operation on his hands February 1st. He is traumatized seeing his mother being treated this way.
  6. They need our small donations and positive messages to continue.
  7. Please donate what you can today via PayPal to (Europe), (USA), or through GoFundMe

These are difficult times, and recent political developments in the US and UK have left many of us feeling dispirited and helpless.  It’s all the more important now that we stand by those who are struggling and look out for each other.

Please consider if you can help Sonny and his family in any way- either through a contribution, sharing this article or otherwise helping to publicise their plight.Thank you.”


All words by Gus Ironside.


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