news on the New Order new album

New Order’s new album, Lost Sirens, is ready for release.

Not exactly new, it’s mainly made up of the sessions from 2005’s Waiting For The Sirens Call album.

There was a pile of leftover songs which have been reworked for the new album which were recorded for the tour and a planned follow up.

And then Hooky left…

New Order have been touring a lot in the post Hooky period and have finally got a new album ready for release, releasing the leftovers from their final sessions with Hook: six previously unheard songs, plus one remixedSirens’ Call track and the one new track, Hellbent.

Review coming soon.

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  1. New Order – Lost Sirens.

    As a long, long time New Order fan, I felt compelled to buy the new album out of years of loyalty but pretty much knew what I’d be getting – £8 worth of middle of the road dirge. Even with the mighty Hooky still on board at the point of recording, it couldn’t be saved. The C.D will complete my collection on the shelf but It’s unlikely it will be played again, even though ripped to my iPod. There isn’t one stand out track amongst the eight and one of those is a remix. There’s a reason these weren’t included on the last album!

    I really hope Sumner & the rest of the band finally lay the name to rest now, they’ve been flogging a dead horse since 1990. Stick to recording and touring with Bad lieutenant and leave your legacy with some dignity. Please!

  2. I would give it 3.5/ 5. It is a good album but it could have been better if they didn’t break up. Sugarcane, I’ll stay with you and Hellbent sound very good. I like Hellbent from the total version better than the original mix. If you like good uplifting music with great melodies and catchy songs then you will love this album, if you are a casual or a diehard New Order fan then you will like this album also.

    New order, what a Great band, what a Great life.


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