The Franceens

The Franceens

York rock n roll trash band The Franceens have shared three new demos on Soundcloud and while they’re billed as ushering in a new era for the band there’s still plenty of the ferocious garage rock to get your ears around. 

Back at the tail end of 2013 we introduced you to The Franceens as one a New Band of the Day and with their debut album, Stepford Smiles.

We described them as ‘loud and snotty’  with ‘primitive bass beats, utterly raucous lead, and howling lupine vocals that breakdown with barely intelligible moaned voices from another room’. We loved them then (as we do now) for their jarring blasts of garage rock and ’50’s rock n roll.

And now here we are at the opening of 2016 with the band releasing three new demos via their Soundcloud page – Spin, Smile and Trigger.

Recorded by Sam Forrest and Sid McQuilliam the tracks are billed as a ‘welcome to a new sound and a new era of The Franceens’.


All three tracks are racing, raucous tornadoes of noise; clamorous and brash sub-three minute blasts of dirty rock n roll. Screeching and raw there is deep rolling melody mixed with the constant crash of percussion and the alarm call of wailing guitar.

Listen to Smile and Spin on the bands Soundcloud.


You can find The Franceens on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, their website and Facebook.

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