Dog Chocolate

Dog ChocolateUpset The Rhythm’s Dog Chocolate announce their debut album Snack Fans out March 18th.

The members of Dog Chocolate have played in a number of other bands including Yeborobo, Limn and Gasp! Cracking Eggs. Together they abandon notions of elegance, cred and professionalism they embrace the ramshackle, instant and fun, capturing a vivid spontaneity with their music.

To coincide with the Snack Fans announcement, Dog Chocolate has also unleashed the awesome Emotionally Buff. This primal track embodies everything the band set out to achieve, its fun, ramshackle and exciting, as is the video.

Snack Fans is comprised of 14 bite-sized nuggets high in salt and sugar content. The sound is a shabby, fast, over-excited ball of wet fur falling down the stairs, knocking over plant pots along the way and staining the carpet. With an average song time of 2 minutes, Dog Chocolate are on to the next treat before fully digesting the last.

With the entire album lasting little over 25 minutes, the band fly through a multitude of genres. With each track just about hanging together as its thrashed out of their racy guitars, the ideas come at you thick and fast as if the band are in a rush, yet its the perfect aural feast.

Check out Emotionally Buff below:

Dog Chocolate can be found online here they also tweet as @DogChoc.
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