DDfinalDeathbomb Arc – one of our favourite niche labels – have two new cassette releases in the pipeline, one from clipping.’s Daveed Diggs and the other by Tampa, Florida duo They Hate Change. Full details – including streams – can be found below.

We at Louder Than War Towers have long time been fans of the irrepressible and unconventional Deathbomb Arc label. Well, since early 2011 anyway, as evidenced by this interview. They’ve been at the forefront of the alt scene in America for many years though – from way back before 2011 in fact, releasing early material by such artists as; Death Grips, clipping., Signor Benedick The Moor, Black Pus, and Julia Holter amongst others, artists who’ve used the label as a springboard to bigger things and far greater notoriety!

So when we hear that Deathbomb Arc have got not one but TWO new cassette releases in the pipeline we know to sit bolt upright and take note.

Cassette no. 1 is from Mr. Daveed Diggs, frontman of acclaimed Sub Pop signed band clipping. (who we’ve been raving about for years now) and star of the Broadway show “Hamilton” (Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historically based, acclaimed hip-hoppers). The new tape, titled Small Things To a Giant, is described as being a…

“…loving homage to his home, the California Bay Area. Combining Daveed’s blisteringly quick and intellectual flow with ecstatic and joyful beats, this is a far cry from the dark territory of clipping.”

But the cassette here and check out sample track Trappers off it – and download it for free if you wish…

The second cassette is by Tampa, Florida duo They Hate Change who are described as combining…

“…an early 90s bedroom production style typical of K Records and early Beck with laid back, super cool raps of acts like Masta Ace Incorporated and the Pharcyde”

Buy the cassette here and listen to the sample track, Summer…

For more information about all things Deathbomb Arc go here: deathbombarc.com. They’re also on Facebook and twitter, as @deathbombarc.

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