Avalanche Records

Avalanche RecordsOne of Edinburgh and Scotland’s most loved record shops is set to close.

It is with the deepest of sadness and the heaviest of hearts, as we hear of the closure of a Scottish institution. Avalanche Records has long been a stalwart of Edinburgh and the Scottish music scene, championing the finest that Scottish music had to offer. Somewhat unfairly all good things must come to an end, citing a variety of things including the increasingly poor quality of the Record Store Day releases.

It goes without saying that this is a great loss to the music world; I’ve personally spent many happy time rifling through the shops vibrant stock. Whilst spending a small fortune in the process, now with both Sainsburys and Tescos jumping on the vinyl bandwagon – is this resurgence in the beloved format soon to burst?

Who knows, once the supermarkets move in and take hold will we all be doing our weekly record shop alongside our food shopping. We certainly hope not!

Alas, it may not all be doom and gloom, read Avalanche’s full statement here. We look forward to seeing what the future holds especially the Scottish Music Centre!

Avalanche Records can be found online here avalancherecords.co.uk. They’re also on Facebook and tweet as @Avalanche_Edin.
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