Stone Roses rumours...latest
Stone Roses rumours...latest, we check them out

New Stone Roses book in 2012

A new Stone Roses book is due in 2012.

Claiming to be a fully authorised biography of the band might be stretching it a bit as the Roses are not the sort of band who do ‘fully authorised biographies’ but it looks like an interesting project. Author Simon Spence certainly had the background to pull of a project like this.

It would be good if he could find some new angles after the pretty thorough and best selling books already out on the Stone Roses by LTW! contributor Mick Middles and LTW! boss John Robb.

The book that would be the ultimate Stone Roses book was the rumoured Steve Adge book. Adge was the band’s tour manager and at points manager, a brilliant story teller he was an actual insider in the Roses camp and his book would be a brilliant document on the band unless Ian Brown or one of the band decides to do something..,

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