The Long Lost Band: Feel Like Me – single review

New single from the Lancaster group The Long Lost Band who we interviewed last year.

The Long Lost Band last featured in Louder Than War with the beautiful folk inspired acoustic and ‘real’ Christmas single ‘Twelfth Night’. The group, led by singer / songwriter Stuart Anthony, have just returned, this time delivering their alt-rock chops for ‘Feel like Me’, a track from the group’s forthcoming album.

A quick burst of a funked-bass and drums ring out like some early Chili Peppers fave yet moves on to resemble something more inspired by the great Jeff Buckley.

Playing somewhere between the two influences its real pull comes via its jazz / funk guitar riff and fired up vocals delivered by Anthony’s cool slur, together with the records tight production.

‘Feel Like Me’ is one of the group’s finest three and a half minutes yet.

You can download the single from the band’s Soundcloud page.

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