On 11th of November Louder Than War favourites Supajamma will be releasing their new single, Hope and Pray, through Stereokill Recordings. Showcasing a fantastical, deep, dark and heavy, but also soulful sound, Carl Stanley thinks it may be their finest work to date.

The first thing I ever heard from Supajamma was the Led Zep ragga twisted Bad Mutha Fucka which I totally vibe’d off from the off. It also kinda reminded me of that same trip Ian Brown was on with his solo work on tunes like Can’t See Me, and it’s what I love about Supajamma the most. That and Martin Sugars voice of course.

If you can, try to imagine the opening scene to some imaginary gritty Manchester crime flick based in and around the cities shady underworld. The opening scene is some guy travelling in the back of a cab through the city at night, in the Manchester rain, all sinister and edgy. Someone’s on the run … times running out and the shit’s defo gonna hit the fan! Now imagine it with Hope and Pray as it’s soundtrack – it has that weight to it. From its mean and moody rumbling bassline intro to Sugar’s hearty lyrics the song has a really heavy cinematic feel.

(Photo right, Martin Sugar and Simon Collier of Supajamma)

In fact, Martin Sugars vocals have been long regarded as one of the sweetest to ever come out of Manchester by a line of fellow Mancunian artists such as Ian Brown and Clint Boon. Such a soulful voice fused with moody surroundings creates the songs bittersweet quality and is really what makes Hope and Pray one the groups finest numbers to date. Sounding as clear as he did back in his former group Audioweb days Sugar also finds space to switch into his trademark ragga-style rhyming in between choruses. Altogether an amazing voice – Supajamma have done it again with another quality single.

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SupaJamma’s website can be found HERE. They’re on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by carl on Louder Than War can be found in his author’s archive.


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