new single from legendary anarchy punk band Zounds

ZOUNDS new single!


Buy the single from here…



Zounds are a fantastic anomoly – they were released by Crass and on the anarcho punk scene but wrote songs that were fantastically melodic and full of subtleties as opposed to the shouty stuff of their label mates.
I’ve always loved them and it was great when they reformed recently- it’s also great that this new single is as good as anything they have ever done.
The band return with a 500 copies only 7″ on Overground. ‘Ancient Briton’ is as good as anything Zounds have have ever released – seriously. A heavy beat and a catchy chorus are the hallmarks of this anthem to modern / austerity / binge-drinking / ConDem Britain. It starts in a pub in Bradford, takes a trip round the terraces, easy-jets it to Spain and ends up with a picture on Facebook of an obliterated geezer lying face down on the pavement wondering what day of the week it is. It’s the reason the Romans high tailed it back to the sun. And you thought they were just a wimpy peace and love band!


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