Watch and Listen: New single from – first release on Bedroom CommunityLouder than War has long championed new Russian music for its vitality and inventiveness. Modern Russian musicians and artists like to deal with the new and don’t have much time for established assumptions.

So we’re happy to find out about this intriguing new single, ‘404.1’, from two new Russian artists on our horizon, audio-digital warriors (aka artist and designer Kristina Karpysheva and co-founder of Tundra audiovisual studio, Alexander Lezius).

Their music is like an energy source in itself, future ambient sounds that also – weirdly and excitingly enough – draw from the same well as very early Cluster. The visuals are an essential part of the package and equally arresting. Maybe this is an increasing part of the post-viral future we will all accept – blockbusting sound and vision from the safety of our screens.

The single release is a precursor to the duo’s first full length LP, “404.0” on the renowned Icelandic label, Bedroom Community on June 5th.

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