New Prince Song ‘Screwdriver’: Our Verdict

PrinceWhat David Bowie can do so can Prince.

That is the “appearing out of nowhere thing”. The “new song dropped into the ether when no-ne was expecting it” thing.

This seems to the modern way of doing it. Out of a vaccum Prince has reappeared with a single that sounds oddly like Status Quo playing their great song “Down Down” but with a little less Butlins and a bit more fruitiness. It’s a chugging rocker built around the faintly amusing hookline ‘I’m your driver, you’re my screw’.

Not that we are knocking the early seventies Quo – they were a fantastic band. Prince seems to have got his denims on and boogied himself up for the song which sounds like a massive hit if it is to be released.

The song is on Prince’s website now. Have  a listen…what do you think?


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3 comments on “New Prince Song ‘Screwdriver’: Our Verdict”

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  1. Yay we can agree on something, Prince’s last single Rock And Roll affair is heavily played on Radio 2 at the moment, it’s not too bad and kind of similar to ‘Take Me With You’ with a smidge of Raspberry Beret, the latter being one of the best pop records of all time

  2. Yay we can agree on something. His other recent sing Rock n’ Roll Affair is pretty cool too and getting loads of airplay on Radio 2 very similar to ‘Take Me With You’ and a little touch of ‘Raspberry Beret’ which I think is one of the finest pop songs ever! I do hop Radio 2 start playing his new single ‘Screw Driver’ it’s pretty funky!

  3. The link doesn’t work John.

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