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New Order, Factory Floor & Hot Vestry-Manchester Apollo 26 Apr 2012 Day 2 with The Vikings.



Diary of a New Order fan : day 2 : Manchester Apollo


After the shenanigans of yesterday it’s with a little disbelief that I’ve made it back to the pub for 2pm.


A few hardcore revellers make it to top Mancunian waterhole The Lass O’Gowrie. After trying to borrow some towels from behind the bar (not available due to health & safety reasons!) to reserve seats for the German Order, we dissect lastnight’s gig. It does seem however that I’m not the only one with alcohol fuelled amnesia. Indeed as the day goes on it seems that more than one person thinks my drink was spiked. I had a lot more to drink on the second night & was nowhere near as bad. Even the staff at the Apollo kept asking me if I was alright when I went in on the second night, and the woman on the ticket window seemed very concerned. The security guard at the mixing desk after the gig did say I was on more than drink the night before! Still it’s not stopped me partying away the next day.


New Order live review here…

The afternoon is spent trying to explain what a Yorkshire pudding is to a confused East German techno DJ, & oh yes, much more drinking. Food is consumed in The Pub (yes it is called that) & real ales quaffed in Sand Bar, before recamping to the Aspley cottage at the back of the Apollo. Many people arrive during the course of the day, at one point I work out that the first 10 of us to arrive have seen New Order 632 times between us!


Tonight has 2 supports, young up & coming band, Hot Vestry, that have Steve & Gillian’s daughter on keyboards. I only catch a song and half from the back of theroom, and they seemed pretty goodand the crowd warmed to them well.


Next up are Factory Floor who I’m really looking forward to seeing, and they don’t disappoint, they start with Two Different Ways, last year’s single, and segue this straight into 2 other tracks without stopping. I’ve always wanted to see someonedo this. I did comment on this to Hooky one time & he really liked the idea, but he thought I meant just do a gig with one song, lazy bastard! If you’ve not heard Factory Floor, they sound like Cabaret Voltaire at their best. They are absolutely stunning tonight & I can’t wait to see them again.


Later than last night, New Order hit the stage again to  Elegia, which doesn’t quite segue into Crystal as it has been doing. After the state I was in last night it’s a pleasure to actually watch the gig. It’s the same set as the night before I think, or maybe they didn’t do Waiting for the Sirens Call.


The visuals on the giant screen fit perfectly with the music & standout track tonight is a stunning version of 586, completely reprogrammed by Barney. My other favourite is Here To Stay (which is the only bit of the previous night I can remember) which is good but has a few mistakes in it tonight. They encore with Transmission & Love Will Tear Us Apart.


I had a quick nose in the aftershow party & completely missed seeing Nik from Factory Floor even though she was stood next to me! After a brief chat withSteve Morris who seems to know what state I was in the previous night, I head off back into the Aspley Cottage where one of the bar maids gives me the 2 Birmingham tickets my mate Ken unknowingly dropped in the pub several hours earlier! We then head off to Gullivers to wind up some young  pillock  In a Joy Division t shirt. After a strange conversation with Wags from Black Grape where I point out we both went to school with Timmy Mallett we head off to Dry Bar, where by about 4am there are only 2 of us left. Another good day was had by all, Next stop Birmingham

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    Clips from both nights at the Apollo up on my YouTube channel now.

    Search ‘Polewka123’.

    2nd night was so much better than the 1st

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