vive le rock! key article on the second wave of punk
vive le rock! key article on the second wave of punk

Vive le Rock magazine which has constantly been the best magazine in the UK about punk rock and associated habits for the past two years has a new issue out.

Concentrating on the second wave of punk it has many key interviews in there as well features on the Cure and the Cult. It’s one of the last magazines that’s worth buying.

Check out their website and details of where to order the magazine from….

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. i’ve just read the latest copy and i really enjoyed it although as i’ve stated in the past i think some of the journalism leaves something to be desired. There is a quite frankly ludicrous statement in the latest issue regarding the Glitter Band saying that they ‘helped shape the face of british punk music in the 70’s’, what utter rubbish, its as absurd as saying that the Dooleys did that. I like the Glitter Band but that is amongst the most inaccurate statements i’ve ever come across. Also a ‘journalist’ called (name removed by request) reviews a Sham compilation and he states that ‘apart from the Pistols and The Clash, first wave punk bands all featured ‘middle class art students’, fucking hell this is ignorance gone fucking wild, what an ill-informed person he is, anyone who knows the slightest thing about original punk knows that both the Pistols and Clash both had ex-art school boys in the band and as for the rest of the first wave bands all containing ‘middle class art students’ what utter bollocks, clearly this fool has never heard of Slaughter and the Dogs, The Jam, The Damned, The Drones, Skrewdriver, Johnny Moped etc etc. Also this is the same tired insult you get from people who think punk was some kind of ‘Andy Capp’ type scene, whats wrong with being middle class in origin or going to art school, legends like Joe Strummer, Knox, TV Smith, Glen Matlock, Paul Simonon etc all went to art school, fucking hell, like it or not punk was an art school invention. It sounds like this character has read something about Garry Bushell or Cock Sparrer and decided that their opinions are the gospel re punk.He’s also wrong about Sham, Pursey, bless him, was a fake and chronologically speaking Sham are really first wave to all intents and purposes. This kind of total ignorance lets down what is otherwise an excellent publication. I would suggest that VLR should check the credentials of people before they let them loose.

  2. ….and great interview with Jason And The Scorchers and an article on how to buy Americana!
    If I say so myself…..

  3. Can’t bite my tongue any longer …. VLR is advertising lead – it is littered with mistakes, inaccuraccies, opinion paraded as fact, I agree with Simon above … and its Buzzcocks not THE Buzzcocks. Comparing a support bands performance to “watching the Special Olympics” is an all-time-low in sub-fanzine journalism and unforgiveable. ( I expect an ‘its Punk Innitt? PC gorn-mad’ reply to that…)

    The writers who do stuff for LTW and VLR are the only decent writers (as well as Alex Ogg). I know a lot of people buy it and like it – but I also know quite a few that don’t because its all pictures and not much decent content.

    Sour grapes? Could I do any better? – yep I could and would be happy to, cos currently VLR is a missed-opportunity to produce a great Zig-Zag style ‘alternative’ rock’n’roll magazine.

  4. I did enjoy the Jason and the Scorchers piece (shame I can’t catch them live when they’re over here next month) and the Americana bit was good and great to see Alejandrio Escovedo get some well deserved kudos. However I can’t do anything other than agree with Throwback and Simon here. The writing in places is poor beyond belief and it is particularly a shame as half these bands will never get covered anywhere else.

    Also to me a lot of the interviews are so fawning (I wouldn’t think that was terribly “punk rock” but hey) – I don’t expect a character assassination but a few more tougher questions wouldn’t go amiss. And it certainly does seem to kowtow to advertising, the thing is stuffed with it. Overall very much a missed opportunity as stated above.


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