New Gorillaz, the Good the Bad and the Queen albums for 2016? but no Blur…yetBusiest of the busy bees Damon Albarn has mentioned in passing in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, that he may be “reactivating Gorillaz for a 2016 release.”  The new album would be the virtual band’s first album since 2011’s The Fall, which was recorded using iPads while still on tour.

He also mentioned plans to finish a “fully written” record with The Good The Bad And The Queen, his supergroup featuring Paul Simonon (The Clash), Simon Tong (The Verve) and drummer Tony Allen.  Not surprisingly there seems to be little time for a new Blur album, “I would imagine there’s some kind of future … But at the moment there’s no time for the future—only the present. Who knows? I’m reluctant to say anything, because if I do, it just gets taken out of context and then I’m accused of being a wind-up.”

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