new fossil lizard species named after Jim MorrisonIn what must be the most perfect piece of science and music synchronicity ever – a 35 million year extinct lizard has been officially named Barbaturex Morrisoni after the lizard king himelf, jim Morrison.


The biggest lizard that ever lived and survived on a diet of only plants the ex Doors singer…oh hang on that’s the wrong way round- the lizard was the biggest ever, Jim was big in his leathers only.


“Reptiles and mammals co-exist most places on the Earth today. What is interesting about the Lizard King is that it was a large vegetarian co-existing and competing with other herbivorous mammals,” co-author Prof Russell Ciochon, from the University of Iowa, told BBC News.

“Large lizards on the Earth today, such Indonesia’s Komodo Dragon, and in the past, such as the late Cretaceous Chinese Chianghsia nankangensis and the Pleistocene Australian Varanus priscus, are all carnivores. These large carnivorous lizards were eating the mammals they co-existed with, not competing with the mammals.

“The large size of the Lizard King certainly protected it from many predators. But there is no doubt that it was hunted by mammalian carnivores of the day.”

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