EPSON MFP imageBauhaus are one of the great bands – inventive, dangerous and quite brilliant – their whole career from their inception in Northampton to their reformation and implosion two decades later is an artful romp through post punk and onwards and this book is the definitive tale and available from here

There is one in every band; the member who right from the inception decides to collect everything, from early “Local Band Makes Good” articles from their local newspaper, handmade flyers, backstage passes, photographs (from his personal collection), ticket stubs, band artwork, letters, set lists, recording contracts, band sketches, fan club material, tour itineraries, hand written lyrics, invoices, master tapes, all the way down to the original Wasp synthesizer used on their recordings and live shows. That collector is original band member Kevin Haskins. In this tastefully designed coffee table book, Kevin will share his personal collection of mostly never seen before ephemera as well as original stories of poignant and amusing moments throughout the bands hallowed career.

The forthcoming book, carefully curated by original band member Kevin Haskins, takes the spectator on a visual journey from the bands inception in 1978, through their very successful reformation in 1998, and on to their legendary performance at The Coachella Music Festival in 2005. Kevin has worked with the formidable design team of Jeff Anderson of Artist In Residence and Donny Phillips and Kaylee Carrington of KIHL Studio. Together they have formulated a unique design that reflects the bands ground-breaking aesthetic and art school origins; a fitting tribute and celebration of the legacy created by this revolutionary group.


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