New Blood 6: Raised On Replicas – by John Robb

Raised On Replicas are two boys and two girls from Brighton who deal a discordant pop/noise that is full of the joys of loud guitars, driving bass and really fab metronomic, motornik drums that are entwined with sharp melodies and hip, cutting lyrics.

I produced their recent demo recently and was blown away by their tight playing and great inventive, sharply intelligent cut and paste songs.

Somehow they manage to surf the possibilities of noise and pop all at once and soundtrack the bedsit bohemian twilight zone of early 21st century UK.

They claim to be Influenced by the likes of Pavement, Pixies, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth and whilst they have some of that American scuzz to their sound there is something very British about them. Raised On Replicas sound like the real noise in 2010 and, potentially, with their witty lyrics and nervy, wired delivery could make sense and is a staple on 6music and evening radio shows.

They look great as well, a mix of Oxfam chic and ballroom glam and are steeped in music culture and their band name is really funny, hip and cool.

Like them.


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