Mumbai is an intense city, a fast forward into the future crammed with a million stories and a fast ranging soundtrack. Bollywood is the main soundtrack here but, like most countries in the world, there is also a big metal scene.

And a very good one.

One of the bands, Scribe, I saw play live at an Indian metal showcas at the Soundbound music conference. They shared the bill with Infernal Wrath, Bhayanak Maut and Demonic Resurrection who are all full on equal to any band you see on the circuit in the UK.

Scribe play a tough wall of sound hardcore that is working in the same territory as Dillinger Escape Plan with that same tough playing and pulverising command of the hardcore. They also have a sense of dynamic that hints at System Of A Down’s love of switching the style of a song when its in full flow.

Scribe are from Mumbai and released their debut album, Confect, in 2008. They have bizarrely toured Norway and their second album, ”Ëœ the Mark Of Teja’ has just been released.

They have a really charismatic frontman who has the gift of the gab and uses it between the songs. He has the talent and the sheer raw power to give the band a really convincing chance to break in the UK when they tour here sometime in 2011.

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