Following our joyous 200 strong Albums of the Year list for 2014 we’re now bringing you our top tips for new bands we think should be part of your listening in 2015.

Unlike other publications we like to have our ear to the ground rather than just to our inbox so our recommendations come from the Louder Than War editors (John Robb, Guy Manchester, Phil Newall and Sarah Lay) and our writers, who’ve excitedly told us who is making waves on their local scenes.

Part 2 of the list and number 11 to 50 in our new bands/artists list is here…

And we can always stand to hear more so if there’s a band or artist you think we should be checking out then leave us a comment below, on Facebook or send us a tweet.


1. Let’s Eat Grandma

The duo are so out there you wonder how they got to this palce. Their DIY pop is so weird and wonderfuly off kilter that it will be massive within months. They make a cut and paste clatter that is also somehow emotive and eerily strange and also so soaringly beautiful that it is almost impossible to believe that they are still only 15. – See more here.


2. You The Living


You The Living create massive dark, melancholic slabs and washes  of sexy dark pop. Some would say Goth, some would say shoe gaze but some would be able to hear something stunning and original going on here. With their whispered vocals and intense ice cold slabs of guitar in the background this is a band creating something very. very special. – See more here



3. Empathy Test

They may have only achieved less than half a dozen shows but this (recently extended) trio have a set of songs that lovers of ’80’s synth pop will be drawling over the minute the first verse has been heard. More Visage than Mode, more pop than dance and not a smudge of eyeliner in sight. These were previously given the nod on Louder Than War after their first gig.


4. Beaty Heart

Lots of electronic gadgets and drums, band members that keep themselves busy, songs that sound like Animal Collective without the making it all up as you go along bits, Vampire Weekend on Ketamin, Clock Opera on PCP or The Beach boys played backwards. Infectious, snappy tunes that grow and grow on you. Perfect for those fucked up nights when you want to dance to something more challenging and noisy.


5. Asylums

Keith Goldhanger’s already started ranting about these on Louder Than War and soon he’ll have another video and tune for you. Exciting Indie from the Essex quartet you’ll hear once, love immediately and increase the love once you all get to stand under the same roof as these boys. A band for the Indie discos across the nation to play alongside that Blur tune that goes Whoooo hoooooo !!!!…..and a band that’ll have the masses jumping up and down everytime a recogniseable intro is heard.


6. Pretty Vicious


‘This is a punk rock teenage rampage with a touch of the Libertines but, as their name hints, with a punk rock rush as well .

Pretty Vicious are four 17 year old lads from the Welsh valleys who crank up the Libs adrenaline rush with a genuine punk rock.

– See more here


7. Super Besse


This hasn’t stopped Super Besse who are three skinny youths and that drum machine who have dug deep into music history to take inspiration from Factory Records and .. with their stripped down, bass driven, post punk of the early eighties and translate it through their own uncertain world of the modern times to create a thrilling and quite brilliant music that transcends its roots to create something utterly modern and brilliant. – See more here.



8. Faerground Accidents

Boasting one of our favourite frontmen at the moment ….and I say “our” because unbeknown to at least one of us until seen live recently didn’t see the memo saying that their debut tune is out on our own Louder Than War label!

This Sheffield four piece remind us of those bands we used to watch from when we were wet behind the ears and went about our merry ways waiting but never actually getting a single release from such bands that simply didn’t know where to go once they’d mastered their craft. Nowadays it’s different and we can seek out these things before and after experiencing such bands. Imagine Bowie singing for Magazine, a crazier more fucked up (and more entertaining ) Brett Anderson who wears his lipstick that’ll make Robert Smith of the Cure wince with jealousy…and the tunes….blinding, Smiths, Libertines and late ’80s Wedding Present flavours.

We need to see more of this band and hope that the M1 won’t be an obstacle for us southern softies looking at our Oystercard and realising it doesn’t allow us journeys this far North. One fears this man actually does visit the newsagent looking like this and one short meeting leads us to smell trouble ahead. Faerground Accidents have a pop star here and whilst some of you may get to hate these there’ll be a few more that ‘ll love ’em. Don’t you just love bands that have this effect?


9. Bete Noire

Again, another band we’ve covered this year but have remained a bit quiet so they’ll get mentioned here mainly in the hope that there’s a guardian angel out there who will assist these in getting placed in front of us a bit more often so we can swoon , smile and sing along to their catchy songs that simply need to be heard if you havn’t done so yet.


10 Mitzi Baehr


Mitzi Baehr plays these great melancholic, sparse songs with her plaintive yet powerful and stunning voice left emotionally open by the great rolling piano.

There is a tinge of gothic darkness in the mix and a great talent for emotionally powerful songs that spellbind the mood. This stuff is good. Seriously good. With a  spectral beauty and artful intensity and it’s early days yet!

Louder Than War write up here





10. Tree of Wolves

A 5-piece band from Carmarthen with a sound somewhere between Husker Du, the Cocteau Twins, and early REM.  The band will be releasing a new single in March ’15 which will preface the release of their first EP, Sleepwalking, on Easter Weekend.



Part 2 of the list and number 11 to 50 in our new bands/artists list is here…


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  1. Hi Guys
    I would like to draw your attention to 21 year old singer/songwriter Elijah James who released his self produced debut album ‘Nobody Important’ in Sept.
    Winner of The Acoustic Hunger Games in 2013, he was also asked by Alan McGee to play one of his Creation nights in Oct.
    Please check out his website were you can find links to his music.


  2. No mention of B-Movie Britz who have graced Bladefest the past few years, a young punk band from Northants who along with bands like Hazard are the future of punk rock if it is to to survive. Band of 2015 will be Trioxin Cherry, I can’t wait for their new album :-)


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