1. London band Breton first caught my eye last year when they released an EP that came mounted on a hand-made circuit board with a list of components and directions which, when followed, created a fully working synth. I’ve followed their progress since and was excited to see them playing in support of Tom Vek recently. Currently in Iceland recording their debut album for Fat Cat Records at Sigur Ros’ studio. Expect big things.

Breton website:

2. It’s very rare that you hear a promo from a band that you’ve never even heard a smidgen about, no tweets, no press releases, no way! On further investigation that may be because The Silver Seas used to be called The Bees (US) but due to copyright (Ie the UK band The Bees) they had to change their name. Anyway enough waffle, they channel light and airy 80s esque LA vibes and you should really check them out..

The Silver Seas website:

3. You know when you hear a song and your ears perk up? Well thats what happens to me every time I hear Destroyer’s single ‘Chinatown’. All the way from Canada, they channel the kind of blissed out vibes that transport me to a beach in Thailand. Understated calm.

Destroyers website:

4. Tennis. The band not the sport. I can’t sing the praises of these guys enough, their debut album Cape Dory is an absolute treat and they’ll be touring North America shortly in support of The Vaccines. Head to their myspace and you can grab a track for free, now hop to it!

Tennis’ website:

5. The day that I sit here writing this, Memory Tapes missed their session on 6 Music over some debacle about the bass player and the law. On a lighter note, I was apparently the first person to interview Dayve when I chatted to him back in January 2010 about debut album Seek Magic. Follow up Player Piano threatens to be just as stunning as his first, and for bonus’ keep an eye on Dayve’s blog as he’s a renowned remixer: weirdtapes.blogspot.com

Memory Tapes website:

6. Copy Haho, what a delightfully obscure name. One that you either get constantly wrong or stays on the tip of your tongue.. and whats even better about them? They’re a GUITAR band, yep think Pete & The Pirates, The Libertines and other energetic guitar bands. Their self titled album has just been released and is a must hear..

Copy Haho website:

7. I do love a good family band, and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis can certainly be described in that mould. Channelling swing, country, blues and rock n roll the three siblings take cool and funky to the next level..

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis website:

8. Last month at the number 8 spot were Is Tropical, a band i’ve adored for some time.. so it seems only fitting that this months number 8 band are good friends of theres. Babeshadow are a band i’ve been slightly obsessed with since they released ‘Sea serpents’ last year, think Crystal Fighters and Fools Gold if you must. They’re back with a new single ‘Days of old’ which they recorded out of hours at Abbey Road studios.. shhh

Babeshadow website:

9 . I managed to catch Emmy The Great at Glastonbury this year and was really impressed with her voice and songwriting. The fact that Tim Wheeler (of that there Ash fame) joined her on stage to duet on a Pixies cover had nothing to do with it!

Emmy The Great website:

10. A session with Marc Riley and a chocolate version of their 7 inch record played live on Lauren Lavernes show, 6 Music really love these guys and from what I’ve heard of debut album ‘Factorycraft’ its not suprising. The Edinburgh based experimental pop band have a lot to offer..

Found website:

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  1. Or, if you want something more than pop music . . . Brain Killer, Raw/Nerve, Crazy Spirit, Dawn Of Humans, Perdition, Coke Bust, Culo, Diet Cokehead, White Lung, Brain F, Hoax, Glam, Unlearn, Male Nurses, Vaaska, Total War, Elektroduendes . . . The list goes on . . . Peace simon

    • Pop music? I wouldn’t describe my taste as anywhere near in that ballpark.. granted my tastes are on the lighter side, metal and heavy rock don’t really appeal to me.

      You should write for the website Simon!

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