New Bands Of The Week – 29th July

In case you missed any of this weeks five ”ËœNew Band of the Day”s you can find them all in this handy little end of week round up.

Hopefully this little taster will whet your appetite to find out more!

Fawn Spots

“A glorious rush of underground rock made into pop music.”

More about Fawn Spots can be found here.

The Branded

“The Branded make a fuzzed out garage sound which sets pulses racing with their frantic twisted garage action.”

More about The Branded can be found here.


“A psychedelic tinged guitar pop that could easily grab a whole stadium full of post oasis fans as well as the charts.”

More about Thedeadheavy’s can be found here.

Ava Luna

“…it’s hard to name the category that would compliment Ava Luna the most. Blending soul, post-punk, garage rock and more, the band’s sound is distinct from any other group playing the indie circuit.”

More about Ava Luna can be found here.

Shaking Through: Ava Luna from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

Jesse Jackson

“Jackson is a great singer / songwriter who is clearly steeped in the folklore and history of 20th Century American music. His songs cover the Americana from mid-west prairies country music to the dirty city streets of noir jazz and blues. What sets him apart, besides the great music, is a wonderful way with lyrics…”

Find more about Jesse here.

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