Our man down in the big smoke, Ross Keen, fills us in on some of the bands in South East London that we should be watching out for.

Barely a day passes in South-East London without a new band threatening to take over the world. In fact they seldom do. Squeeze, John Paul Jones, Kate Bush and at a push The Rolling Stones all hail from the area, but ”“ unless you count Athlete ”“ not a lot has been going on here for a while.

So here we dig the new breed trailblazing their way through bandit country and revitalising the scene; here are 3 bands to watch out for, bands you really should be hearing something of some time soon.

Emperor Koko

The 4-piece and their eclectic brand of cosmic funk, pychadelia and alternative rock are already making a name for themselves on the circuit, impressing at venues such as the illustrious Monto Water Rats. Comprising four individual talents and fusing influences varying from White Denim to The Chillis, from Tame Impala to RATM, Emperor Koko will be hitting the studio soon. In the meantime catch them while you can ”“ they are at the best sweaty and live. Find them on Facebook here or lend your ear to their soundcloud here.

Black Market Karma

The coolest name in new music isn’t enough for Black Market Karma; they’ve also decided to redefine modern psychedelia. Taking aspects of the Brian Jones Town Massacre, Revolver-era Beatles, Velvet Underground and maybe even My Bloody Valentine, BMK are the real thing. With surprising and swirling vocals and unexpected melodies it’s only a matter of time before they take off.

Their first album ”ËœComatose’ is available for a free download already. I know these words haven’t done them justice so please check out the video above or check them out on Facebook here.

The Brassic

Alarm bells instantly ring at the thought of an openly ”ËœMod’ band and often for good reason; yet The Brassic are far from being a cliché ridden tribute band. They are arrogant and brash; backing it up with short sharp tunes that scream Radio play. They’ve already supported Babyshambles, The Ordinary Boys and most recently The Small Fakers ”“ this week they will be supporting From The Jam at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford. So at least there will be one genuine band playing that night.

Find them on Facebook here.

All words by Ross Keen. More work by Ross can be found here. Ross writes mainly for sendawaythetigers which can be found here.

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